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Sarah-Louise Hayton
Founder and Principal

Our students and their parents love our programmes and tutors

I must say that your tutor was exceptional! Your Tutor asked the right questions and she knew how to engage both my daughter and the other kids.

She gave positive feedback at all the right times and when my daughter wasn’t getting things quite right, or understanding … your Tutor would go back to the foundations of the question / content to ensure my daughter understood.

T2M is the right choice for your child

The best of computer learning
Tailored to your child’s specific needs
Small classes or one-on-one learning
Fun, safe and rewarding learning
Greater confidence and results

Putting your child’s needs first

We carefully assess your child’s needs. Then we develop a learning programme tailored specifically to those needs. All based on the New Zealand curriculum. With one-on-one assistance and a fun, safe learning environment, your child will begin to thrive.

We develop a lifelong love of learning

The world is changing. We must be "Thinking2morrow" by teaching them to create, to problem-solve and, most importantly, to think.Our methods and programmes are fun and rewarding and have proven themselves for hundreds of students over the past nine years.

Another secret to our success: You

You want the best for your child. That’s why we create a parent partnership, working together with you to make sure we meet your child’s needs and regularly reporting back to you to discuss his or her progress.

I founded T2M to make a difference

After 20 years of classroom teaching and four years of managing a tutoring learning centre, I opened my first Learning Centre in Auckland’s Remuera. Nine years later, our unique learning programmes and methods are well proven and the demand for T2M's services is so great that I am now ready to share my vision with all of New Zealand and open other Learning Centres across the country.

“Is T2M right for my child?”

Trying Thinking2morrow risk-free. We invite you to review some of the many testimonials we have received from students and parents. You are welcome to visit our Learning Centre for a free Assessment of your child’s educational needs followed by a free Trial Lesson. Only when you and your child are completely comfortable with us will we invite you to enrol.

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Students, parents and teachers love T2M

We love what we do. And it shows in everything we do for your child. You’ll love us when you see the difference in your child’s confidence, competence and love of learning. And because our personalised learning programmes support the school curriculum, your child’s teachers will love us too.