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We all understand how vital it is to master English. But it’s not always so easy to understand how children can fall behind in critical areas such as reading, handwriting, spelling, comprehension, written expression, essay writing and even basic communication.

At Thinking2morrow, we understand. And our learning programmes and tutors are handpicked by us to help your child to catch up and excel.

- Sarah-Louise Hayton, Founder and Principal  

Our 5-step programme for English competence

Early reading
Reading comprehension
Essay writing

Set your child up for life

The quote on the left is from beloved children’s author Dr Suess, who more than anyone understood how vital communication is to success in life.
With our engaging and stimulating English and communications programmes, small classes with one-on-one tuition and self-paced learning, is your child’s success 98 and 3/4% guaranteed?
Yes indeed, yes indeed!

“Reading teaches me something new or helps me see things differently.”

“I hate reading.”

- Bill Gates, Billionaire and Keen Reader

Are these the saddest words in the English language? Despite the advent of social media, YouTube and podcasts, reading remains a foundation of the way we communicate, learn and think.

Which makes it doubly sad that many Kiwi kids are now growing up without the ability to read for meaning, let alone enjoyment.

We at Thinking2morrow are doing our best  to address that with specialised programmes and tutoring that help children not only to master early reading with tried-and-true methods such as phonics but also to read for pleasure.

What’s included in our Programmes

Our comprehensive Literacy, Language and Communication Programmes build student interest and confidence from Year 1 to Year 13. The Programmes are fun, self-paced and aligned to the School Curriculum.

Early Reading

Is your child having trouble getting started? Our Literacy Programme is so much fun and so engaging that he or she will be naturally drawn to reading and learn to love learning.


Our phonics-based reading programmes not only teach phonics, they also build the child's sight vocabulary and improve reading comprehension skills in an enjoyable and fully interactive way.

Reading Comprehension

It’s one thing to have the skills to form words, but quite another to understand what you’re reading. Our programme will help your child enjoy as well as understand.


Our Programmes feature both online and handwritten activities. We encourage students to present their written work neatly with legible handwriting using correct letter formations.


Spelling forms an important part of a student’s English. Lessons are fun, interactive and challenging. Personal spelling lists ensure students can tackle spelling with confidence.

Essay Writing

The ability to communicate ideas clearly and logically in writing is a skill that goes way beyond passing exams at school.

“I don’t know  what to write!”

How many parents and teachers have heard those words?

Our integrated approach to teaching written expression encourages children to explore their ideas by:

  • talking them through with their tutor
  • learning better writing skills from their reading
  • using T2M’s mind-mapping techniques to facilitate structured writing
  • understanding how to structure their written expression in a clear and logical way
  • building their confidence and creativity

Communication skills are vital in today’s world

Communication is the key to success—at school, at work, in relationships and in all other aspects of life. That’s why we at T2M go further to help your child to develop both oral and written language skills as well as critical and creative thinking.

It all begins with a free Assessment of your child’s needs. We then craft individual programmes around those needs. Will your child find value in our approach? Only he or she can decide that, so we offer a free Trial Lesson to enable you to try before you buy.

There’s nothing to lose so why not book now?

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