We teach maths in a way that makes sense to your child

Whether your child is struggling in mathematics or ahead of the rest of the class, we will personalise a learning programme to meet his or her exact needs.

These programmes take the mystery and scariness out of maths by using games and other engaging resources backed by one-on-one help from helpful and understanding tutors.

- Sarah-Louise Hayton, Founder and Principal  

How we develop understanding and a love of maths

We do a complete assessment of your child’s needs
Tailor our proven and engaging programmes to those needs
Provide 1-on-1 tutoring from our understanding tutors
Monitor and report on your child’s progress as they improve
And celebrate and reward success at every step of the way

No matter where you child is at, we can help

Our programmes and methods have proven successful with Year 1 - 13 students, no matter what their abilities and attitutes. They are designed to:

  • support children struggling with maths
  • extend able students to reach their full potential
  • coach for internal and external exams
  • provide specialised maths tuition for NCEA, Cambridge and ICAS
  • bring maths to life!

Guess who just passed their exam with flying colours?

Nothing makes a parent prouder than seeing your child successful and happy... especially at exam time.

But sometimes your child may need a little extra help to catch up or achieve their full potential. That’s why we at Thinking2morrow invite you to enrol your child for our Pre-exam Programme, tailored to your child’s needs.

Over the last six years, we have helped over 1000 students achieve their goals and set themselves on a path to future success. We’d love to help your child do the same.

On the path to mastery, it pays to start early

Confidence is a key factor in achieving success in maths and confidence comes through mastery.

In maths, learners must master each skill in order to progress proficiently to the next, more advanced skill. When this incremental learning is not achieved, gaps in mathematical knowledge can occur which may compromise the learner’s mathematical development for life.

That’s why it is never too early to set your child on the path to mastery, starting with the basic facts that underpin more advanced mathematics.

Why online learning programmes aren’t enough

You may be thinking that there is a plethora of online learning programmes available and that all you need to do to help your child is sign up.

You may also be wondering why we at Thinking2morrow say that online learning programmes aren’t enough when we now offer our own. The difference is that in there is one very important thing that computers can’t provide and that we all need – the personal touch.

At Thinking2morrow, we everything your child needs to get ahead – the latest educational software,  personalised to meet your child’s needs, combined with the careful direction and support of understanding tutors. Both online and at our Learning Centres in Remuera and Botany.

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