Don’t get me wrong. 

I’m not suggesting for a moment that I would use the same techniques for tutoring your child at my Thinking2morrow After-School Learning Centre as I would for training my award-winning dog Floyd. (That’s him in the photo with me, Sarah-Louise.)

But I have learned a great deal about the best ways to work with my students from working with my dogs.

For example, dogs respond better to positive reinforcement and rewards than they do to negativity. So do students.

Dogs learn faster in a fun environment than in a non-stimulating one. So do students.

Dogs learn best from one-on-one training personalised to meet their needs. So do students. 

That’s where the comparison ends, but applying these principles together with the latest human learning methods has been a game-changer for the hundreds of students who have passed through my Learning Centre over the last seven years.

Thanks, Floyd.