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Then scroll down to find out why A&W's new burger flopped and the funny and smart relaunch of the same burger 40 years later!

Actually there were 2 right answers to the quiz - the 1/3 Pounder and 3/9 Pounder are the same size!

Back in the 1980s when the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder was the burger to beat, A&W had the great idea to debut a 1/3 Pound Burger at the same price as a Quarter Pounder.

This should have been a winner - except for one thing. Burger lovers thought 1/3 pound of meat was smaller than 1/4 pound, because 4 is a bigger number than 3!

A&W has been smarting about this failure for years, but now they've finally come up with a better solution - the 3/9 Pounder. 9 is a bigger number than 4, so the 3/9 Pounder must be bigger and better value, right?